About us

About us

Introducing ourselves: JAPAN PORT CONSULTANTS, LTD. (JPC)


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Since its establishment in 1961, JAPAN PORT CONSULTANTS, LTD. has been comprised of a group of experts specializing in ports and harbors facilities, coastlines, and airport infrastructure, accumulating a consistent track record and know-how in the fields of project planning, investigation, design, and construction management, both domestically and internationally. In addition, we have also accumulated experience and know-how in the field of infrastructure (social infrastructure) management and operations.

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Our business lines

At JAPAN PORT CONSULTANTS, LTD., we can perform a wide variety of services, including port and costal facility planning, investigation, analysis, design, construction management, and maintenance management.

The role of a construction consultant

Construction consultants provide consulting services to their clients (such as national and local governments, etc.), and these services can include surveying, analysis, and design, etc. 
National and local governments often outsource consulting to construction companies and carry out the manufacturing operation, and construction consultants assist in the preliminary stages of this manufacturing stage.

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What we can do for you

JAPAN PORT CONSULTANTS, LTD. provides marine-related consulting services for ports and harbors, fishing ports, and coastal facilities. 
For example, we provide technical know-how for planning, designing, and constructing breakwaters, which mitigate the effects of waves and which help protect urban areas. In recent years, we have also been providing technical assistance for offshore wind power generation facilities.

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Our strengths as a group specializing in port and harbor facilities

In 1995, we played a role in the restoration of Kobe Port, which suffered catastrophic damage during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and in just one year, we were able to restore the port to a state where it could gain a foothold in revitalizing itself.
In addition to this, we have used our accumulated know-how and accurate solutions to quickly respond to the restoration and improvement of various facilities at coastal areas as affected by natural disasters, such as the more-recent Great East Japan Earthquake. Furthermore, when we participated in the construction of Kansai International Airport, the world's first full-scale maritime airport, we received high praise for making full use of the knowledge that only a group of experts in ports like ourselves can provide, such as safety measures that take into account the conditions of fragile ground at sea, etc. This is just a small window into the breadth of our strengths.

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    Support for internationalization and national resilience

    We assist in the earthquake-resistant design of quays where large ships dock at and quays compatible with large cruise ships.

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    Designing foundations for offshore wind farms

    Offshore wind power generation facilities are becoming more and more prevalent in Japan these days. Against this backdrop, our technologies are used in the underwater parts of such power generation facilities.

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    Assisting rapid disaster recovery and reconstruction

    In the event of a disaster, our engineers are promptly dispatched to the disaster site so as to carry out investigations, recovery activities, and reconstruction support.

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    Marine environment conservation efforts

    As part of our efforts to achieve the UN SDGs (i.e., 13. CLIMATE ACTION and 14. LIFE BELOW WATER, etc.), we are cooperating in activities with others to help restore and create seaweed beds.

Technical Information & Research

The company is building on its accumulated skills and numerous achievements to date, and is further developing new technologies,
We contribute to the development and enhancement of social capital for the development and revitalisation of the region.

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