President Message

Since its establishment in 1961, Japan Port Consultants Ltd. ( JPC ) has been contributing to the harmonious coexistence of global society by forming port and harbor, coastal and airport infrastructures, and preserving natural environment while making role sharing with National Government and Local ones in the spirit of “Social Contribution.” Following this tradition and contributing to the formation of society being harmonious with nature toward the future is our important goal.

Meanwhile, overviewing the current earth, drastic changes that were unimaginable in the 20th century are emerging from every field. The field of infrastructure is no exception. The occurrence of large-scale natural disasters we never expected, caused by intensification of climate change, is threatening our country’s economy and life. Development of AI, DX and robotics technologies is generating unprecedented innovations, which will possibly change the nature and operations of infrastructure fundamentally.

What about the succession of expertise? A lot of experts with expertise in the areas of port and harbor, coastal and airport infrastructure belonged to national and regional governments in the past. However, now the number of such experts is decreasing. Consequently, these governments are not only having difficulty in dealing with the new global changes mentioned above, and are, in some cases, even falling into the situation where the succession of expertise is endangered.

In order to guide our society into a better direction under such a drastically changing situation, what should JPC do?

Fortunately, as a group of experts in port and harbor, coastal and airport infrastructure, JPC has accumulated its accomplishments and know-how that integrally cover study and survey, planning, design and construction supervision both in the domestic and overseas fields for 60 years since its establishment. We have also piled them up in the fields of operation of infrastructure. In addition, taking a look at company members constituting the specialist group, each of them has diverse experiences and know-how worthy of the group. Each member is a leading player. JPC highly boasts of such members.

However, the conventional thinking and application of expertise may fall behind the world under the drastically changing situations. An epitaph of the late Mr. Akira Aoyama, a Japanese illustrious civil engineer ( 1878 - 1963 ), is put up in our headquarters' office, which says “He who can feel the divine will in the universe is happy, for people and his country.” Personally, I think this epitaph means “An expert who can deal with ( feel the divine will ) changes ( the universe ) flexibly can serve people and his country.” Even in a different historical background, the answer to the aforementioned question lies in this epitaph.

Now what is required of us is to play a role of a leading consultant capable of responding to new changes elastically as a specialist group in terms of port and harbor, coastal and airport infrastructure. In some cases, we will be required to proactively make a technical proposal to the national and regional governments as the group of experts. In order to respond to such requests, JPC, making use of its flexibility and mobility as a private company, needs to be always a bearer of state-of-the-art technology by taking in a variety of new technologies in cooperation with the national and regional governments, universities, research institutes, and private companies of different industrial sectors. Moreover, our company members, being leading players of the group of experts, need “Diversity & Inclusion,” that is, to rediscover and develop their own creativity and practical skills by absorbing changes in the world and new technology while enjoying them by use of a variety of experiences and know-how, and utilizing them proactively. While valuing the spirit at the time of our establishment, we will do our best to create in-house environment where all the company members work comfortably and to play our role adequately, thereby contributing to society and obtaining its confidence, as the group of experts in the fields of port and harbor, coastal and airport infrastructure.

January 2020

President & Representative Director
Doctor of Engineering

Koji Takahashi