Urgent Development Plan of Semarang Port Project (Phase II), Indonesia (1992 to 2000)

Employer : Ministry of Communications, Government of Indonesia
Location : Semarang, Central Java Province, Indonesia

In response to the request from the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in 1984, the original master plan of Semarang Port was reviewed by the Government of Japan (GOJ), for reasons that socio-economic circumstances of the port and its hinterland were substantially changed after the original master plan was formulated in 1978. It was recommended in 1986 by GOJ that the port development be implemented step by step through Urgent Development Plan by 1990, Short-term Development Plan by 1995, and Long-term Development Plan by 2005. The Urgent Development Plan was composed of extension of the existing West Terminal to provide an international general and container cargo wharf, land reclamation for East Terminal to provide 4 berths handling coal, fertilizer, general cargo, and steel and bulk cargo, rehabilitation of port facilities in old port areas, construction of branch access channel and port basins, and procurement of port service vessels and cargo handling equipment. Engineering services for the Urgent Development Plan were started in 1988 and completed in 1990 by JPC as Prime Consultant with financial assistance from GOJ. Before proceeding to the construction phase, however, the urgency and necessity of construction works envisaged in the plan were reviewed by GOI. Original project scope was revised in 1991 to cover such port facilities and equipment as stated below, to cope with the growing demand for efficient handling of rapidly increased container cargo at the port. Consulting services and construction works for the revised project scope were implemented as Phase II – Stage I, while consulting services and equipment procurement works as Phase II – Stage 2. ODA loans were provided by GOJ for Phase II – Stage 1 and Phase II – Stage 2. JPC has participated in the engineering and supervisory services for Phase II Stages 1 and 2 as Prime Consultant.

Major port facilities and equipment provided under the project include :
– Port access channel and basin (deepened to -10 m);
– Container berth (10 m deep, 345 m long);
– Container yard (7 ha);
– CFS (3,600 m²);
– Container terminal operation office (1,200 m²);
– Maintenance shop (1,600 m²);
– Fire station / workshop (1,350 m²);
– Port access road (1 km long),
– 35.5-ton container cranes (2 units);
– 35.5-ton transfer cranes (3 units);
– 10-ton forklift trucks (2 units);
– 2-ton forklift trucks (6 units);
– Head truck (10 units);
– Chassis (20 units);
– Fire truck (1 unit);
– Emergency generator set; and
– Computer systems.