Kaiwomaru Park in Fushiki Toyama Port

Planning and design of mooring facilities for Kaiwomaru, decommissioned big training sailing ship known as “Lady of the Sea” in Fushiki Toyama Port, Toyama, Japan.


Zono Hana Park in Yokohama Port

Design of Zono Hana Park in Yokohama Port, Japan, in celebration of the port’s 150th anniversary. Yokohama Port was opened in 1859 with two (2) […]


Yokohama Bayside Marina

Design of Yokohama Bayside Marina, Japan’s largest yacht harbor in Yokohama Port, Japan.


Suma Fishing Park in Kobe

Design of piled pier with truss structures and administration office for Suma Fishing Park, Kobe, Japan.


Inage Beach Park in Chiba

Planning, study and design of Inage Beach Park in Chiba, Japan, consisting of artificial white sand beach with pine trees, marina accommodating 400 yachts, 4-story […]


Cape Ryuouzaki in Kochi

Landscape design of Cape Ryuzuzaki with footsteps leading thereto, to restore and conserve the landscape of Cape Ryuouzaki at Katsurahama, Kochi, Japan.


Bascule Bridge in Moji Port

Landscape design of “Blue Wing Moji”, Japan’s first bascule bridge exclusively for pedestrians (length 108.1 m, movable part 38.5 m, width 4.5 m), to connect […]