Kobe Airport

Location plan, design and work execution plan of offshore bulkheads, quaywalls and connection bridge for Kobe Airport on artificial island in Osaka Bay, Japan.


Kansai International Airport

Planning, construction method study, design and construction supervision of breakwaters, offshore bulkheads, piled wharves and access road for Kansai International Airport, Japan’s first 24-hour airport […]


Kobe Airport

Study on geographical condition and environmental and social impact on surrounding areas when constructing offshore airport focusing port function. Preparation of application documents necessary for […]


Tomari Ohashi Bridge in Naha Port

Design of Tomari Ohashi Bridge (1,118 m long) planned as a part of Naha Port Access Road, Okinawa, Japan. (Photo is provided by courtesy of […]


Oita Airport

Design of approach lights and approach light beacons for Oita Airport, Japan.


Kobe Ohashi Bridge in Kobe Port

Design of double-decker Kobe Ohashi Bridge (8-lane steel arch bridge of 319 m long) between Shinko Jetty No. 4 and Port Island in Kobe Port, […]


Kitakyushu Airport

Reclamation plan, design of offshore bulkheads, selection of foundation improvement method for reclaimed areas for offshore airport, study on airport access means, and supervisory services […]


Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Design of Eshima Ohashi Bridge, prestressed concrete rigid frame bridge (1,446 m long) connecting Sakai Minato, Tottori with Matsue, Shimane, Japan.


Central Japan International Airport

Planning, study, design and construction supervision of offshore bulkheads and quaywalls for Central Japan International Airport on artificial island in Ise Bay, Japan.