President Message

Welcome to the website of Japan Port Consultants, Ltd.

Our country is bounded by the waters on all sides. Hence, almost all trade (99.7%) with other countries is conducted through sea ports. Our land is exposed to severe natural conditions such as earthquake and tsunami. Japanese port technology has been contributing to overcoming these conditions, developing ports as a base of economic development.

Our company celebrates the 57th anniversary of its foundation this year, and has been supporting as the private sector Japanese port development by making the most of its technical capability and experience. The value we have is highly appreciated by overseas clients including governments thanks to our know-how and expertise acquired on a series of port development projects covering from conceptual stage to planning, design and construction supervision stage, and we boast a wealth of performance records we have set across the world.

Now I am thinking of expanding our piled up knowhow and technology to the ocean. Japan’s land area totals 380 thousand square kilometers, ranking 61st in the world. On the other hand, the ocean under the control of Japan covers 4,470 thousand square kilometers, standing as high as sixth in the world. We will develop our services towards ocean development projects having significant potentialities.

Technical capability constitutes the basis of a consulting company. We are positively dedicating ourselves in particular to the development of human resources being conscious that employees are the property. In addition, we are also making efforts to foster personal and informational exchange with port-related research institutions.

While we will keep transmitting a large amount of information from this website, we hope to receive comments and be honored with orders from clients.

March 1, 2018
Representative Director and President
Tetsuo Omura